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Katie is a trained journalist and published author. She writes a regular parenting and health column for Fernwood magazine and contributes parenting articles to Coles magazine. She also writes for titles such as Wellbeing, Body + Soul, Good Health, My Child and Wondertime.

Choose from the list of articles below to read some of her work. Over the next few weeks, Katie will be uploading lots more articles, so stay in touch – and join our newsletter for updates!

How you can release tension

When you’re suffering broken sleep, treats such as massage become even more blissful. But which style is best – and how can you do a DIY treatment?  To read more click here.

Yoga for babies

We all know babies are natural Yogis, so it makes sense to help them enjoy this ancient practice. But the focus of baby yoga is on gentle stimulation and bonding between parent and bub – not exercise. To read more click here.

The top foods for new mums

Ravenous appetites and bizarre cravings are the first signs that food is an integral part of becoming a mum. But after we’ve given birth to our bub we have to be just as conscious of our calories… to read more click here.

Exercise for kids

Planning our kids’ work-outs can be a marathon effort, as parenting expert and mum of three, Katie Brown explains. To read more click here.

Back in shape

Cradling babies, pushing prams, hanging out nappies, tackling car seats … it’s all new to you and your back. Here’s how to avoid any serious injuries. To read more click here.


Most of us wish our little cherubs had volume controls, so how can we keep the peace? To read more click here.

Taming the foodie fusspots!

If presenting dinner to your kids makes you stress more than a contestant on Masterchef, then don’t despair. There is a way to win over our pint-sized food critics. To read more click here.

Make every day Mother’s Day

Feeling a bit underappreciated and overwhelmed? Then try these ideas to put the ahhhh back into your daily routine…

Bin the bugs

It’s the season of colds, flu and lurgies… so how can you dodge the germs and have a happy and healthy winter?

Riding high

Slings, carriers, baby backpacks – there’s a whole array of inventive ways to carry your newborn, but which is best for you – and your baby?