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July 2010

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Having a challenging week?

To appreciate every good week – you need a bad week… That’s my mantra at the moment, seeing as I am having a rather challenging few days… It all began on Saturday. I started the morning feeling great. I taught my pre-natal yoga class, came home and then Alec and I began to clean and […]

When do the kids go back to school?

When do the kids go back to school?

HOLIDAY - defn: a time spent relaxing and taking time out from work. Hmmm… not for us parents! I vary between LOVING the hols and disliking them depending on the mood of my kids. Right now I need a holiday and they need to go back to school! With Alec heading to the UK for a […]

Why cats and kids don't always mix!

Why cats and kids don’t always mix!

 It seemed like a good idea at the time. The sign read: Animal sitters needed. Ask at the desk. ‘Go on, Mum,’ urged Lucas.    ‘Okay,’ I said, needing no persuading. (I grew up with the most adorable Siamese cat, Ollie).  Indi’s face lit up. She’s been collecting a magazine called The Cat Collection for the past year […]

11pm again…!

11pm again  I’ve often wondered why time passes so slowly when you’re a child, but speeds up when you’re an adult. It seems way too unfair - I wish I could package up all those hours I spent as a teenager feeling bored and enjoy them now! I guess it’s just that life is busy and full – which is fabulous, but […]