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Eco Baby Expo

 I try to live in the eye of the storm… at times, it feels that all around me is busy and if I become too attached to the busyness, then I begin to feel flustered and out of balance. The trick is to stay calm amidst the chaos. Although I have to say it’s not easy…!

At this time of year, life feels like it’s really revving up – my kids are bringing home notes from school on a daily basis - and the diary is filling up fast.

But one event I’d love you to be able to jot down is:

The Eco Baby Expo

at Luna Park, Sydney

November 6-7.

It’s the first of its kind in Australia and is THE event for sustainable baby care and pregnancy needs, and the Eco-Baby Expo is a unique experience, a fun and learning event, and suitable for the whole family 

I”ll have a stand at the expo – so please come and see me and find out more about Yoga Babes and Infant Massage Australia.  I’ll also be giving two talks:

Saturday –  3:00 – 3:30pm

 How to massage your baby

 Katie Brown is the creator of Yoga Babes, a mum-of-three, the NSW State rep for Infant Massage Australia and a lecturer with IMA.

 She will explain the benefits of baby massage as well as some of the do’s and don’ts of this fabulous practice. 

Most of us know that infant massage can deepen the bond with your baby and that it can help improve your baby’s digestion, circulation and immune systems, but did you know that it can also  increase muscle tone, coordination, promote language development and even boost your baby’s brain power!

To find out how, come along to the talk and we’ll have the chance to do some practical massage strokes, so bring some oil, a blanket or towel and your baby! 

Sunday  –  11.50am – 12.10pm

What is baby yoga?

Baby Yoga is a natural progression from infant massage. And as babies are natural yogis, you’ll find this practice is one of the best ways to have fun with your baby, while helping to enhance their health – and your wellbeing.

This talk and practical session is led by Katie Brown of Yoga Babes – one of Australia’s most respected baby yoga teachers. Katie has recently release the DVD – Yoga for Mums ’n’ Bubs and is the Huggies infant massage and baby yoga online expert.

To find out more come along to the session with your baby, a blanket and a sense of fun!

Please drop by and say hello, pass this info on to your friends and for more information, visit:

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