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Entry #1 – Diary of Katie Brown (aged 39 and 3/4…)

For 14 years or so I diligently kept a diary. There were times when it became a little difficult to write each night, so I’d have “diary catch-up sessions” when I’d attempt to remember what I’d been doing.

After having Lucas (baby #1) my “diary catch-ups” became increasingly sporadic until I didn’t even write an entry at all. This was because at night it was all I could do to collapse into bed.

But each year I still bought a diary in the vain hope I might actually write an entry… I have a shelf of blank diaries from 2002 – 2009 and I think it’s time I admitted to myself that I won’t be keeping a diary for the next 18 years!

SO what about a blog?! No need to write every day or to pressure my poor addled brain to remember what I was doing last week. I seem to be on the computer more than ever… and hey – someone else may even get some amusement from it!

So here it is (drum roll) my very own BLOG!

I guess I should have done something momentous for my first ever blog… I have done some fun things lately – I’m trying to do 40 things before I turn forty and as I’ve only got a few weeks left I’m having to cram all kinds of adventurous things into my days.

I’m sitting for an artist next week (wearing nothing but a few bits of fabric… hmmm) and then I’ll be learning to surf and trying to appear on a game show… I’ll let you know how all these things go in future blogs!

But for today, I just did the school run, took Leo to Gymbaroo and went to the shops to buy Alec a few last minute pressies – he turns 43 on Sunday and I’ve bought him a trip to go diving with sharks. Hopefully it won’t freak the kids (or him) out too much.

I don’t have a good track record with presents… on his 40th I got him a para-sailing trip, but didn’t think about the fact he’d be drinking the night before or that he gets sea sick. By the time they winched him to safety he was completely green.

When we sailed back to the wharf the next group of parasailers were waiting by the dock. Their faces were full of excitement and anticipation, until Alec stood up and did a technicolour yawn over the side of the boat. 

Another time I arranged for a friend to take him mountain biking, only I didn’t realise he’d be coming over at sunrise – and Alec’s not a morning person. So now Alec insists I run every idea past him before I book. Amazingly he was keen on the shark dive… but I guess he could always change his mind… I’ll let you know!

Anyhow, back to today. After the shops, Leo fell asleep in the car, so I carefully unpacked. I normally close the front gates, but the phone rang, so I took the call and by the time I’d hung up I realised our dog, Coffee had gone missing. Coffee is prone to doing this, and it’s always a this time I lament the fact that we called her Coffee because walking around the streets yelling “Coffee” makes you seem like a very sad caffeine addict.

Anyhow, today I had to spend Leo’s precious sleep time driving around the neighbourhood looking for my runaway dog. (Don’t worry, Leo was still asleep in the car while I was doing this!).

Eventually I gave up and found her back in the driveway. By which time el cranko (Leo) had woken up and it was time to do the school run…

I discovered Indi (who has just started school) had been beating up some kids in Year Six (doesn’t she realise they’re bigger than her?!). So after a quick chat to her teacher it was time to come home and tidy, and tidy and do dinner.

Played a game of Dodge Ball with the kids in the garden after dinner which was great fun – made a mental note – must do that kind of thing more often. Now better go and do some more tidying…

See you next time!

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