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Happy Father’s Day – here’s a baby!

Happy Father's Day AND Happy Birthday!

My daughter Indi was born on Father’s Day six years ago.

Bizarrely I was born on Father’s Day too – but in the UK (a lot longer than six years ago! ). But co-incidences aside, I remember feeling really happy that I was able to hand my husband a child on this day, although as the years have gone by, I’ve discovered it creates its own set of unique problems.

The first is that it’s very difficult to arrange a party for Indi as most of her friends are spending  a day with their daddies. The other is that Alec feels a bit short-changed when he spends Father’s Day at the local play centre or rounding up excitable little people at the playground.

But this weekend we faced a real dilemma. I’d promised Indi a trip to a sheep station to celebrate her special day. We organised it with friends and we were all excited about throwing a boomerang or two and tucking into damper over the camp fire. Only problem was the Sydney Swans made it to the final of the AFL – and Alec is a MAJOR Swans fan…

So much debate, angst and head scratching later we came up with a compromise… we’d go on a family trip to the sheep station the following Sunday and Indi could chose something else to do on her birthday. She thought long and hard and said: ‘I really want to go to Manly Ocean World because I want to see the sea snail.’ Hmm not sure what sea snail she was talking about, but it obviously  made quite an impression.

So tomorrow everyone’s happy and Indi gets two treats! So to all you dads out there and all you dads-to-be have a fabulous day - better go – I have LOTS of presents to wrap, Katie x

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