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Slowly making it through FEB FAST..

I never thought I had a problem with alcohol until I had children.

I know they’re gorgeous and loving and all that, but they’re also hard work, frustrating and demanding.

So in those hours from 3pm – 5pm, when each of my three children is shouting out a request or observation which requires total concentration and immediate action, I feel myself being buffered around until I have to collapse in a heap on top of the dog  – who is also requiring affection (especially since we got our cat from the animal shelter two months ago…).

During 5pm – 7pm my good humour wanes as the demands continue – loud and unabated. My reprimands of: “Please wait, say thank you and I’m not your servant,” seem to be swallowed up in the background noise.

Then my husband rings to say he’ll be late. Again. And so I begin to eye last night’s bottle of shiraz.

It seems to taunt me – and a quick glance at the clock tells me it’s 7pm. It’s okay, I can have a glass. And that first sip just takes the edge off.

In the beginning, it was occasional, but then it seemed to be happening every night. Luckily I’m a lightweight, so after one glass I’m done and giggling more than Leo’s limbo-dancing Elmo.

But then I’d be taking the kids home and as they were fighting in the back I’d picture that glass of wine and feel a wave of relief.

So when I heard about Feb Fast, I knew action had to be taken. 

Feb Fast is a registered charity that is now in its fourth year of operation in Australia and its first year in New Zealand.

This event encourages people to forgo alcohol in February while raising vital money to support young people with alcohol and other drug related issues.

But being a total masochist, I decided to not just cut out alcohol (oh no, that would be way too easy!). I would also cut out gluten, dairy, sugar (including fruits), yeast and caffeine. I resolved to go to bed early and book a weekly massage (as a treat). And of course, drink heaps of water. 

I have done this kind of detox before – it’s challenging, but worth it. 

After all the excesses of Christmas and the holidays, my poor body was groaning. Not enough yoga, too many parties… so it was with a bit of a jolt, my regime began.

Monday I didn’t feel too bad – and as the temperature was nudging the forties, I quite happily sipped my water. Tuesday, I began to get my headache – this usually comes from the withdrawal of caffeine and sugar. But I stuck with it and by Wednesday afternoon, I was feeling great. It was almost as if I’d had an internal cleanse. I felt CLEAN, light and healthy.

Of course I was making sure I ate well and often – heaps of raw nuts, gluten-free breads and cereals, rice milk, veggies, avocado fish and chicken, and sipping herbal teas.

I’m now on my sixth day – I didn’t give myself a deadline, I just thought I’d see how long I could manage, but I must be waning, as last night I dreamt I ate a massive cup cake – at least I wasn’t being chased by a bottle of Shiraz!

I’ll try to stick with the regime – and let you know how I go. Is anyone else keen to join me?! 

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