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Make every day Mother’s Day

spoil mum

Feeling a bit underappreciated and overwhelmed? Then try these ideas to put the ahhhh back into your daily routine…

Two minutes: Take a deep breath in through your nose and then a HUGE sigh out through your mouth. Repeat three times.

Then raise your arms above your head and  s-t-r-e-t-c-h as you inhale and then release your arms and roll your shoulders as you exhale. Repeat three times.

Five minutes: Pick a couple of favourite songs, draw the blinds, ensure no-one is watching (babies and animals don’t count) and dance your heart out.

Fifteen minutes: Go for a brisk walk – swing your arms, breathe deeply – and look around at the trees, the plants, notice the temperature of the air against your skin.

Half-an-hour: Do a relaxation! Please see offer above or join the newsletter if you’re not already a member. Dim the lights, grab a blanket, get warm and cosy and make sure you won’t be disturbed.

One hour: Grab a book or a magazine and run a bath. Put in some essential oils, use a face mask and enjoy an undisturbed soak. When you’ve finished rub in some massage oil (sweet almond, sesame or jojoba) and pay particular attention to your feet. Then paint your nails and smile…

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