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Nine days to go…

Nine days to go… and I am worried. In an ideal world my life would be booked up with facials, manicures and styling sessions. Instead I’m up working till midnight, soothing my toddler’s night terrors at 2am and being rudely jolted into the day by my alarm clock…

By the time of the competition the only bags I’ll have packed will be the ones under my eyes…

And I was so busy yesterday I didn’t get a chance to blog. My dad is arriving from the UK tomorrow, so I’m attempting to tidy up and set up a bed for him in my office (maybe he can do a guest blog for me tomorrow…).

Funnily enough Dad decided to bring his trip forward when he heard about Mrs Australia. He asked me to send him the link and now wants to come with us all to Melbourne… I’m just hoping he doesn’t start flirting with the other contestants (groan).

I haven’t met any of the other girls yet, but most of us have been chatting via Facebook – all the contestants sound lovely and what’s refreshing is that everyone is just looking forward to the event. I think for most of us it’s a step away from our usual routine and the chance to have some fun, meet some great people and be pampered. So there’s a sense of real enthusiasm – whatever the outcome of the competition.

The event is being organised partly by Kylie – the current Mrs Australia who, despite being crowned last year, manages to juggle a day job, her two children and voluntarily organising this contest – I’m in awe.

So today, I’m in the throes of trying to arrange those pampering sessions. I don’t know what I’ll do with my nails – I can’t even remember the last time I put any polish on them, let alone had a manicure – any suggestions would be most welcome. Should I try some creative nail art or a simple French manicure? Oh the questions that are filling my mind… would love to hear your feedback. Well, it’s 7.15am and I’d better rouse the rabble for another day of mayhem!

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