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Pampered, preened and polished…

Well, there are literally a few hours to go until I head off to the Mrs Australia competition in Melbourne.

I’m sorry for the lack of blogs, but I’ve been very busy deciding  which dress to wear and what shade of purple to paint my nails… plus my dad has been staying in my office, so getting access to the computer has been difficult!

It’s been fun spoiling myself like this, as my time is usually spent cleaning, cooking, working and looking after the kids – but this gives me a great excuse to indulge in beauty treatments. And not since my wedding eleven years ago, have I been polished, plucked, tinted and preened to this extent!

I’ve also discovered that there is an inverse relationship to pampering – which is the house. As I become more polished the house becomes more of a mess.

So what is better for us to look well groomed or for our home to shine? Hmmm – please send me your comments!

Of course, this preening can’t be permanent… it’s hard work maintaining perfect nails and hair. But I’ll enjoy it for the next few days, as I’m sure that within a week I’ll be back to my tracky dacks and pony tail.

Anyhow, I have a schedule to keep – starting with a 5am wake-up call tomorrow (ugh!), a 7.45am flight and a day packed with so many activities that I simply won’t have time to feel nervous (I hope!). Tomorrow I meet all the other contestants, including Karen, who I’m rooming with.

We’ll also be interviewed, meet the reigning Mrs Aus and this is my favourite – we’ll learn how to “walk and block” it sounds a bit like a self defence move, but I’m told it’s practicing strutting down the catwalk…

Then there’s a cocktail party and auction – I’ll be giving away one of my Yoga Babes Ultimate Nurture Packs and on Friday we’ll be busy preparing for the actual event which is to be held in Federation Square in the evening.

My children, Alec and Dad are all coming down! And Friday is my wedding anniversary, so if I can’t be Mrs Australia, I should just be thankful I’m Mrs Brown!! It will be fun and for me this is just about living life and enjoying as many experiences as possible. So thanks for your support – and wish me luck! Katie x

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