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The birds and the bees…

Indi, six, and I were shopping today and while we browsed in one store, Indi checked out the cuddly toys, only there weren’t the usual teddy bears and fluffy kittens…

Oh no! There were cuddly dust mites, head lice and er… a cuddly sperm, complete with a blue bow on it’s head. Indi looked at it and said: ‘I love it – can I have it, Mum, pleeeeeasee?’

She followed me around the shop, wriggling the cuddly sperm (yes, it was a TOY shop!). And the only way I could get her to put it down was to explain exactly what it was. To which she replied: ‘Yeuch, in that case can I have the one with the pink bow? ‘Sure darling, that’s an Ovum,” I replied.

Luckily she changed her mind, but at least I don’t have to teach her about the birds and the bees!

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